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Duck & Goose hunting with KFO in South Central Kansas is available from December thru mid February. In late December a varieties of ducks and Geese make there yearly migration south. The majority of species making their way past our location consist of Mallards, Teal, Woodies, Gadwalls, Pintails, Wigeons, Greater and lesser Canadian Geese.

The majority of our hunts consist of a morning and afternoon hunts. You will mostly be hunting over watershed lakes, ponds and grain fields a few miles away from El Dorado Federal Reservoir. You and your hunting partners will be hunting from either pit blinds, portable blinds or layout blinds.

 Waterfowl hunts can be guided or self guided and pricing is based on availability. Unguided duck and goose hunts means we will get the hunter to the point of where he parks his truck and steps out to hunt. Once to that spot the hunter makes the rest of his duck hunting experience using his own equipment, dogs and skill. We help level this playing field occupying a niche between that of public lands hunting and small acreage, expensive waterfowl clubs. Our Waterfowl hunt is for the average goose or duck hunter that can hunt on his own and only requires the opportunity to get on the right habitat in the right area and can take care of the rest.

This is a step above knocking on doors where the goose hunter spends many a mile and hour trying to find a place to hunt.

All Kansas & Federal rules and regulations as well as seasons apply to these hunts.

Unguided hunt is $200 per day with a 2 hunter minimum. 

Guided hunt is $350 per day with a 2 hunter minimum.